“We Were Naked, I Got Small Erection But There Was No Penetration On Set” – Dahlin Gage Reveals On BedTime Video

Former Black Avenue Music (BAM) artiste Dahlin Gage has said in an interview that he cares less about the Ghanaian music market therefore he doesn’t bother how people see him nor think about him after shooting and releasing a close to pornography music video.

Speaking on Sammy Flex  TV`s “REAL TALK”, he added that he is not perturbed if people chastise him after this video because he doesn’t do things to please anyone but himself and his craft.

Explaining his new banger “Bed Time” on Sammy Flex TV he noted that “Ma Twa Bo Tso” is a Ga language which means “I Will Hit You With A Stick”. To him it’s a statement guys always say to women if they like them on the streets, no one should think it’s an evil song  or a pornography. “The video is cool for me but I know others will not like it whilst other people will also appreciate it because of it`s creativity. Most of the things we did in the video were acted with supervision from the directors including the squirting which was done with sachet water by myself” he revealed.

When asked whether he got an erection during the shoot he answered this way. “In fact, we were all naked at some points during the shoot but there was no penetration on set because some people were also around. I only got some small power in my dick but it was not full erection to penetrate but the lady was okay throughout the process because she is a professional model” he added.

Dahlin Gage who is affectionately called “Shashi father” meaning father of bad girls  made it clear that he is not backing off just because Lord Paper went through hard times for his “Nana Ama” video, besides he is not thinking Ghana. His desire is to hit the international market therefore, he is never bothered about what people will say about his new video.

“The lady in the video is a model and an adult. She willingly devoted her self to play that role in my video. As it stands now, we’ve placed a “Parental Guidance” (PG) on it on YouTube for streaming meaning it’s mainly for adults so it’s safe” he concluded. Links of both the interview and the video have been shared here for your viewing pleasure.

Story by: Emmanuel Ofori Lapigee