Whitney Dee Dares Efe Keyz To Name Record Labels That Demanded Sex From Her.

Radio presenter Whitney Dee says it’s a bit on the high side to believe what Efe Keyz is saying about 7 record labels owners wanting to sleep with her before signing her. She therefore dares Efe Keyz to mention the names of the record labels if she thinks what she is saying is the truth.

Ghanaian musician and entrepreneur Efe Keyz wants to be able to do her music without having to return sex as a means of appreciation and has expressed the discomfort investors make her go through.

In an phone interview with Kwasi Aboagye on Peace Fm, According to Efe Keyz, she’s turned down several offers from some record labels because those in charge want to sleep with her before handing her the deal.

“I want an investor who does not want to sleep with me but who wants to bring me money and work with me as business ,” the talented singer stated.

“I’ve had a lot of offers from 7 record labels who want to invest in my craft but they all wanted to have an affair with me before they offer their help which is very sad: ‘” the ‘JUJU’ hitmaker lamented.

Efe Keyz noted that if investors can support male artistes without any sexual benefits, then they should also do the same for female artistes.

“All the male artistes you see, big men and influential people support them, so, does it mean that they also sleep with them? You are investing to get your money back; that is the same way you should approach it with a female artiste as well,” she stressed.

Source : Nasti Blinks