Yaw Darling On The Rise, Cops 4 Nominations – Central Music Awards 2023

Ghana’s music landscape is a buzz with excitement as Yaw Darling, the dynamic Ghanaian artist, proudly secures four prestigious nominations at the highly coveted Central Music Awards. In tandem with this exciting news, fans and music aficionados are eagerly anticipating the release of the music video for his chart-topping single “Party,” featuring the illustrious Medikal.

The Central Music Awards, a distinguished platform that spotlights and celebrates exceptional musical talents hailing from the Central Region of Ghana, has bestowed upon Yaw Darling four noteworthy nominations in the following categories:

  1. New Artiste of the Year
  2. Best Collaboration
  3. Music Video of the Year
  4. Afro Pop Song of the Year

These nominations stand as a resounding acknowledgment of Yaw Darling’s remarkable journey within the Ghanaian music industry and his unwavering commitment to his craft.

“Party,” an electrifying track by Yaw Darling featuring the multi-talented Medikal, has taken the nation by storm. The song’s infectious beats, coupled with its captivating lyrics, have made it an anthem for revelers far and wide. The fervent anticipation surrounding the release of the music video is palpable, with fans eager to witness the visual manifestation of this chart-topping sensation.

Listen to “Party” on Boomplay:

The collaboration with Medikal, an established luminary within the Ghanaian music scene, has further solidified Yaw Darling’s burgeoning star status. “Party” exemplifies a harmonious fusion of Medikal’s lyrical prowess with Yaw Darling’s soulful vocals, creating a musical masterpiece that resonates across diverse audiences.

Yaw Darling’s journey from a promising newcomer to a four-time nominee at the Central Music Awards is emblematic of his artistry and unwavering dedication. His infectious melodies and captivating stage presence have garnered a steadfast fan base, firmly establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian music realm.

As the release of the “Party” music video looms large, Yaw Darling’s burgeoning influence and recognition are set to reach new heights. Fans, industry insiders, and music enthusiasts alike are encouraged to stay tuned for this visual spectacle, promising a feast for the senses.

Watch “Pull Up” by Yaw Darling on Youtube: