“YPYC Monthly Mentoring Seminars April Edition”


YPYC (YOUNG PROFESSIONALS AND YOUTH COALITION) is a non- governmental organization which looks
to develop, empower and guide the youth in becoming nation changers and builders in the near future.
We intend to do this by hosting monthly conferences which will educate and also give the youth to meet
their mentors in high positions in society which they would not be able to meet on regular basis.
The spirit of YPYC is important in making an organization worth joining, partnering, relying on and
knowing about.

We look to develop and build a network of leading young professionals towards the development of the
nation both home and abroad.

We also raise generational thinkers and transformational leaders to champion the building of a better
society for mankind.


 Patriotism
 Excellence
 Professionalism
 Serving humanity
 Integrity and honesty
 Accountability to Self and Nation

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