Abeiku Santana Supports Fans And Trivia Winners With Financial Assistance And Extravagant Dinner

In the heart of Ghana, a heartwarming event took place as the renowned radio personality, Abeiku Santana, hosted a special dinner for his fans and the fortunate winners of daily trivia questions. The event unfolded at the Airport View Hotel, where Abeiku Santana shared his vision and passion for supporting the youth through a unique initiative.

The concept of providing daily trivia questions and monetary rewards to his Facebook fans had its origins in Abeiku Santana’s keen observation of the financial challenges faced by Ghanaian youth. He recognized that many young people were struggling to make ends meet, and he was determined to make a positive impact in their lives.

Speaking at the gathering, Abeiku Santana explained the motivation behind the trivia questions and money giveaway. His goal was to provide financial assistance to those who needed it most, and he believed that even modest amounts could significantly alleviate the hardships faced by the youth.


Abeiku Santana, in collaboration with his dedicated team, launched the Daily Trivia Questions initiative. Each day, participants had the opportunity to answer trivia questions, with the chance to win monetary rewards. The process was carefully designed to ensure fairness and inclusivity, allowing individuals from all walks of life to participate.

At the time of the event, the initiative was selecting one winner each day. However, Abeiku Santana and his team were eager to expand their reach and impact by increasing the number of daily winners to three. This expansion would mean more young people could benefit from the financial support provided through the trivia questions.


To inject a sense of excitement and engagement into the initiative, Abeiku Santana and his team introduced a challenge component. This added dimension made the process even more thrilling and enjoyable for participants, resulting in an even higher number of winners.

 Abeiku Santana’s commitment to bringing positivity into people’s lives was evident through his actions and words. His dedication to supporting the youth in their time of need showcased the power of compassion and generosity, as well as the ability of public figures to make a meaningful difference in their communities.

The fortunate winners of the first edition of the Daily Trivia Questions initiative were recognized and celebrated during the dinner event. Their names, including Akosua Boahemaa, Toni Montana, Albright Magdalene, Seth Phenom, and Queen Liz, were shared with pride, underlining the success and impact of Abeiku Santana’s initiative.