Organisers Couldn’t Airlift ‘Sick’ Shatta – Sammy Flex Explains ‘Luxurious’ Demand Claims

The much-anticipated concert in Wolverhampton, UK, featuring the Ghanaian music sensation, Shatta Wale, took an unexpected twist when Sammy Flex, the artist’s manager, shed light on the reasons behind the abrupt cancellation.

According to Sammy Flex, the journey to the cancellation of the event had been fraught with challenges that extended far beyond the negotiation table. The ordeal began when Shatta Wale, already in the UK and poised to connect with his eager fans, faced various health issues. The abrupt climate changes, accompanied by the notorious British flu, had taken a toll on the artist, rendering him considerably weak during that time.

Nonetheless, Shatta Wale’s indomitable spirit and dedication to his fanbase drove him to consider pushing forward with the Wolverhampton show despite his physical setbacks. It was a testament to his commitment and his desire to entertain his loyal supporters.

Sammy Flex revealed the steps they had taken to ensure that Shatta Wale would be able to perform despite his ailment. They proposed a plan to the concert organizers that would make the journey to the venue more comfortable for the ailing artist. Instead of subjecting Shatta Wale to a long and grueling drive from London to Wolverhampton, they suggested airlifting him to the event.

The idea was simple yet practical – a helicopter ride that would take no longer than 45 minutes to transport the artist to Wolverhampton. This, they believed, would grant Shatta Wale the opportunity to rest and conserve his energy, ensuring that he could give a memorable performance without pushing himself to the brink.

However, their proposal did not receive the warm reception they had hoped for. The organizers seemed unreceptive to the idea and replied with an uncompromising, “At this stage, we can’t do it.”