Greetings from Campus Television, organizers of the Campus Music Awards Festival. We trust that

everyone is in good health even amidst this period of the pandemic and that everyone is practising

the necessary safety measures put in place in order to prevent contraction of the COVID-19.

On behalf of the board, sponsors and other partners, we are favoured to inform all campus

musicians that span from high school to tertiary level, music industry practitioners and members of

the general public that nominations for the special edition of the Campus Music Awards are officially opened.

The Campus Music Awards, which started in 2017 as a television show awards for campus artistes based on a competition level, has, since its inception, grown to become one of the biggest campus events in Ghana. The music award is created to recognize and celebrate the hard work and enthusiasm of the various artistes on campus, who are not easily recognized by the main stream

awards in Ghana’s music industry.

Interested stakeholders are, by this release, encouraged to pick up nomination forms from the

offices of Campus Television, partner radio and TV stations or fill the online version of the forms at