Event Promoters Background Information and Profile

DanceFloor Addict Is an international Clubbing Concept based in Marseille-France.It is made up of World Class Professional Djs and Event Promoters/ managers. The mission is to keep people happy and the world dancing to tasteful music. To promote peace and shared love through dance music from cultural interaction and exchange. Dancefloor Addict international is linked to other Promoters and Event Companies world wild and continues to keep the world dancing to tasteful music and skilful presentation. Dj Nash is the Head Dj and Creative Director.
Dj Nash a.k.a. Sweetfingers is an international Ghanaian Music Entertainer based in France. He become a professional Dj after developing the passion,interest and taking up a Dj course in 2001 [France] to perfect the skills. He Produced the Award winning Reggea song of the year 2005 (Ghana Music Awards). Dj Nash is a resident Dj at 88.1 (Aix en Provence), Greenville 88.8 fm. Marseille. France, He has featured in lots of events, festivals and jams playing side by side wit top local and international Djs and continues to make waves through out Europe and Asia namely, France, Denmark, Vienna, Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Birmingham-Uk, Berlin-GE. Geneva, Portugal, Qartar and Dubai. He presents RnB-Hip Hop, Techno and Electric, Reggea -Dancehall and Afro beat. Dj Nash was the guess dj. for the 2014 Ghana Djs Award show.

Recognise Entertainment is an Event Company registered in 2009 under the laws of Ghana. It is among its aims to bring top class entertainment needed in our lives. And to satisfy our clients and sponsors through strategic creative directing to meet the clientele lifestyle and interest. Recognise Entertainment has Organised lots of successful events over the years. We have the royalties to The “Inter Nightclub Dj competition” Twice sponsored by Redbull. Again we have the royalty licence as the organisers of “Dj Fiesta Jam” Held twice in Ghana, Once in Birmingham-Uk n Once in Abijan -La cote d voire. We also offer entertainment and event promotions consultancy and advice to prospective clients, ranging from House parties, Product/Event sales and promotions, Institutions, Owners of clubs,pubs and joints. As well as event planners.
We provide event content( concept development, Djs & Artist bookings) promotional strategies, jingles & voice overs, video teasers, Media buying and online blogging.

Afro Mix Tour
>> Recognize Entertainment n Dancefloor Addict [international clubbing concept] France based. N Dj Nash aa putting up a tour in Gh this month November. Merqury Quaye of Hitz fm is the host Dj. The tour is supported by

Jahta Dreadluv a Dj based in Switzerland.
Dj Chaka of Power Fm.
Tj Dj of Empire Fm. Takoradi.
Dj Max Vienna city Accra.
MC. KKC from Canada.
Artiste on bill Article Wan, En Wan of Double, Dade Opanka, n more…
Tour features.

•It starts @ Vienna City Nightclub Accra.(Friday 3/Nov)
•Party hits Tema Vienna city (Sat 4/Nov)
• Party hits Kumasi on Friday(10th Nov)
• Forward to Takoradi Vienna city on Sat (11/ Nov)
•Forward again to Busua Beach Resort on sun (12/Nov) Afternoon jam.
• Back to Accra.
•Party hits Paparazzi (East legon).Lizzy Sports Complex.
•Party Hitz Koforidua on sat (25th Nov)

Lots of surprise Artist will be joining the train along the way.