Fready Latest Debut Single “Nzema World Order” Hits The Internet

Fready dropped his first single on the 20th of September 2019, and has not looked back ever since. Prior to this, he had been involved in music be it designing music covers for artists, free styling with his guys in a studio or participating in music projects.
His music with an ‘Nzema’ theme has a very unique sound as he delves into different genres with a profoundly heavy West-African influence to it.

Songs like ‘Nana Nyamenle’ show a very calm Afro-beat vibe, while songs like’ GO GA GA’ are more upbeat Afro-drill oriented. Having lived between Ghana and the UK, Fready has acquired a rich blend of the two cultures. 
His experiences in the Western Region of Ghana as well as the South-eastern part of London have a phenomenal impact on his choice and flavour of music; mixing pidgin with London slang and Ghanaian words with English make his music more identifiable to the average person, who may not necessarily be Ghanaian or British.
“Nzema World Order (N.W.O)” is his second tape. This tape is infused with the mixture of Afro-fusion and Drill to create a sonically pleasing sound. Unlike his first mixtape(Nzema), which had more of a slow and soothing sound, N.W.O has an upbeat and faster tempo which will get you moving. Songs like “Nzema” and “Go Ga Ga ” have a mix of UK slang with Ghanaian pigeon and an occasional mix of other West African terms.

This Tape was a depiction of ‘Evolution’. Most of his songs were a narrative of occurrences in Fready’s life that he had overcome whether it is positive or negative, with some of the songs showing his vulnerability at certain parts in his life. Track 10 Coded “Coded, remember back then when I was homeless, I remember feeling so hopeless”.

He also has energetic songs which lighten up the mood of the listener, for example Track 4 ‘Eikwe Ye me fe’. This particular song was made for a festival in his local hometown, Eikwe.

Join him on this musical journey as he tells a story through his music.

Fready’s versatility knows no boundaries and can work with almost any artist that shows interest in his works. From melodic records to hardcore hard hitting 808s, Fready manages to make his presence felt in any song. With the pocket Fready falls in, He is up for collaborations with other artist as long as the song comes together beautifully and sounds right.

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Facebook: Fready Fredzo

Listen and Enjoy below.