I Would Put 5 leaders in Positions To Change the World – Dr Ohene Kwame Frimpong 

Dr. Ohene Kwame Frimpong is an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist who have positioned himself as a mover of change around the world, over the few years he has become an icon of business and investment along side his solid humanitarian works that have gained him recognition around the world.

Charles Ohene Kwame Frimpong is a Ghanaian astute serial entrepreneur with many businesses and a charity organization to his credit He Has also performed series of social interventions that have built capacity, developed skills and most importantly created various opportunities for people deserve such opportunities.

In recent times Dr Ohene have worked out projects that have seen some youth travel outside the country under his guidance to study and acquire various disciplines that can help them grow as leaders to take up positions around the world in a mindset of making changes in every space they find themselves in.

In a Pose sighted on his Facebook page, Dr Ohene Kwame Frimpong was clear with his intentions of grooming and putting 5 people in positions around the world.
This post was to be achieved before his birthday, which is approaching sooner.

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Few days ago, Dr was spotted in Turkey with some Turkish billionaires, in a quest to discuss investment opportunities that would go all the way to impact on job creation and improved economic situations.
Dr is an asset to the development of our industry and economy and he deserves some solid respect for his efforts.

Source Young Prs