Gamer YN Unveils His Latest Single, Feelings

After a long period of anticipation, Gamer YN finally unveils his latest single, “Feelings,” – a piece of heartfelt art inspired by a profound event in March of last year. The track stems from a personal experience when Gamer YN’s mother fell unconscious, coinciding with a period of intense relationship challenges. This moment became a catalyst for a transformative mindset, urging him to embrace life while he could. 


The instrumental soundscape of “Feelings” is layered with rich timbres of guitar, percussion, drums, and piano, creating a melodic backdrop that complements the complexity of emotions and reflections embedded in the song. The lyrics grapple with a spectrum of feelings and experiences, delving into themes of resilience and self-preservation. The use of imagery, such as “fake yeezy’s” and “cutting down everything non-beneficial,” signals a deliberate effort to distance himself from inauthentic or negative influences. Gamer YN conveys a resolve to focus on what truly matters, guarding emotional well-being. 

The repetition of the mantra, “Ain’t no feelings here to catch no more,” throughout the track becomes a resounding declaration of self-protection and self-preservation. The second verse delves into past disillusionment with figures once admired which eventually culminates into a declaration of commitment to a higher power; a turn towards faith and a reliance on spiritual strength and guidance. “Feelings” is an essential listen, driving forward the essential message of embracing the sanctity of life. 

From the heart of Ghana’s vibrant music scene emerges Gamer YN, the stage name of Daniel Twum Nyarko- a rising hip-hop maestro hailing from Accra. His musical journey began in 2016 with the release of “JUST BELIEVE,” a debut single featuring “Lyrical Joe” and Toffdawg that garnered significant attention on social media. Gamer YN swiftly gained popularity for his distinctive fusion of rap and drill music with traditional Ghanaian rhythms, a style that resonates with audiences both locally and internationally. Influenced by a diverse musical upbringing exposed to highlife, hiplife, and rap, Gamer YN has crafted a unique sound that captivates music lovers. 

His breakthrough came with the release of “Pedigree,” his fourth single, which catapulted him onto the radar of fans and industry professionals. Subsequent hits like “Abo Anoo” and “Annoyed” further solidified his position in the Ghanaian music scene. Beyond solo projects, Gamer YN has made notable contributions to collaborative efforts. His features span London and the United States, particularly on JustcallmeVeto’s “Changed Me” and Shake Munzoo’s “Camouflage” album, highlight his growing influence on the global stage. 

Major performances at events like Rhythm on the Runway and the Bhim Festival are extra accolades in Gamer YN’s arsenal. Looking to the future, Gamer YN aims to build a worldwide bridge connecting Africa to the world through music. His commitment to authenticity, linguistic diversity, and musical innovation positions him as an artist to watch in the Ghanaian hip-hop scene.


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