Miss Legacy Ghana Crowns New Queens

In a dazzling celebration of beauty, talent, and empowerment, the Miss Legacy Ghana pageant recently crowned its new queens, promising fresh faces set to make waves in the realm of glamour and grace.

Leading the pack is the radiant Radia Ali Barry, a 24-year-old dynamo and fourth-year student of Theatre Arts at the University of Ghana. Known for her charisma, intelligence, and a passion for the arts, Radia emerged as the deserving winner, captivating both judges and the audience alike with her poise and charm.

The title of the first runner-up was bestowed upon Lynette Glover-Mensah, a 22-year-old graduate of the University of Ghana, holding a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. Lynette, who completed her national service at the Ghana Standards Authority, impressed everyone with her blend of academic achievement, professional experience, and a captivating stage presence.


The second runner-up position was claimed by a rising star in the field of Biological Sciences— a 19-year-old powerhouse currently in her second year at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Her dedication to both academics and the pageant showcased a promising future in both realms.

The coronation night was a spectacular showcase of talent, grace, and empowerment, with each contestant bringing a unique flair to the stage. The competition not only celebrated physical beauty but also emphasized the intelligence, charisma, and achievements of the contestants.

Radia Ali Barry, the newly crowned Miss Legacy Ghana, expressed her gratitude and excitement for the opportunity. “It’s an honor to represent the ideals of Miss Legacy Ghana. I look forward to using this platform to advocate for the arts and inspire young women to pursue their passions fearlessly,” she shared.

Lynette Glover-Mensah and the second runner-up echoed similar sentiments, expressing their commitment to making a positive impact in their respective fields and communities.

As these remarkable young women embark on their journey as Miss Legacy Ghana winners, the nation anticipates witnessing the positive changes they will undoubtedly bring to the realms of education, public administration, and biological sciences. The Miss Legacy Ghana organization, along with its sponsors and supporters, looks forward to the continued success and empowerment of these inspiring queens.