Get Sidechicks For Your Husbands – Kokonsa Hemaa

The controversial female blogger, Kokonsa Hemaa who went viral on social media for saying Men Are To Be Paid For A Good Sex has again come out with another shocking statement that every wife must get a sidechick for her husband.

She supported her statement with the view that “men are born to cheat, so if you don’t want your husband sleeping around with a harlot then find him a sidechick”..
Mostly wives are seen around fighting their husband’s sidechick not because they are hurt but because they don’t like the type of ladies their husbands go in for.

Ghanaian wives should stop being selfish and allow their husbands to have fun outside marriage, she said.
If you are scared your husband will contract STIs from sleeping around, then get him a sidechick you trust.

Kokonsa Hemaa continued by saying Men should also be considerate when choosing sidechicks because not every lady you sleep with behind aside your wife is worth it..

She concluded with advice for single ladies and she said, Stop extracting money from married men and your so called sugar daddies because your time will surely come for a lil girl to make your marriage miserable.