I have always wondered why sex must always be on the terms of ladies.
Some ladies use sex as a medium of demanding from guys either before, during or after the act.
Most men get denied of it even by their spouses for not meeting their demands.
As a woman, I hold a different view and think this unfairness must stop. My reasons? Keep reading.

Here are a few;

  1. Unlike women, men are always ready when called to the duty, even when tired, they have to perform. whereas a woman who invites the act sometimes still has to be worked on tirelessly by the man to be ready for business.
  2. Some Men can cum at anytime even with a flip of two fingers on the cap making the work of their partners easy, unlike ladies who need to be worked on for long periods and sometimes still refuse to come.
  3. Men loose after sex while the woman gains. Why? Go and read about the nutritional benefits in sperms.
    I can go on and on. But how wicked can you be if he gives you good sex, cums in you three times and still demand money from him.
    Shouldn’t women rather be the ones paying after good sex?

Kokonsa Hemaa writes
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