I’m Loosing My Husband Because Of My Naked Scenes Afia Cries

Actress Afia Amoako popularly known as Afia GTV seems unhappy with the current state of her relationship.

The actress who is on the edge of loosing her husband asks for forgiveness from a movie scene which she stripped almost n3kd.

In an interview with Afia, ever since the movie became public, anytime her husband watches it he becomes angry at her and threatens to break up with her because he feels she over played that role.

After playing that role, i contacted my man and told him about it. He was happy and even encouraged me to do more in the future since thats where i find my passion. But after the movie was released, anytime he watches that particular scene, he gets angry and all he tells me is, i cant take it anymore, i cant be with you and words that are threatening to our love life.. Afia cried

According to Afia, she is a bit surprised because during her music days, she used to show fleshes on set and he was okay with it but as to why he has switched suddenly, she cant tell.

Afia Amoako also known as Aboagyewaa from Emere Yenni Nkaso or the Onaapo series on Adom TV  recently starred in a movie produced and directed by Kofi Yeboah which features top actors including Akrobeto, Emelia Brobbey, etc. titled Onyomtofoo Saman, and from the look of things, it appears to us that this is the movie which is taking away her marriage.