Luminary DMR Finally Drops “Naya Bingi” EP

Luminary DMR Finally Drops “Naya Bingi” EP

Afro pop star Luminary DMR has dropped his expansive first studio EP NAYA BINGI, out today.

The 5 songs laced EP is basically about Luminary DMR’s journey in life, the hills and mountains he had to overcome and the success his hustle came with.

The EP “Naya Bingi” not only does it celebrate Luminary DMR’s own achievements, but it also notes life’s harsh realities in the lyrics.

According to Luminary DMR, “he feels amazing to have been able to finally make it after going through a lot of hustling in the music industry.” Luminary DMR through a spiritual journey of discovering oneself on this EP highlighted the very important things in his life that brought him to where he’s standing today.

“Naya Bingi” EP features renowned producers such as Kaywa Beat, Dr Abel and Lionel Lawson. All these producers are known for their ability and zeal to produce nothing but the best.

Luminary DMR is the founder of DMR records (Development means Reform Records), a record label under which this album was done. Luminary DMR recent Philanthropic contributions and dedication to humanity, was seen during the difficult moments of Covid-19 when he partnered with Joy Prime to donate items to the needy. An act many praised vehemently.

LumiDmr is the first Ghanaian ECOWAS Youth Ambassador. He was honored by the ECOWAS Youth Council in recognition for his wonderful contributions not only to music but his contributions to the vulnerable over the years.

More importantly, “Naya Bingi”, “Making”, “Ghetto Break”, “My Sit” and “Bobobo” happen to be the titles of the songs on the Extended Play (EP) you would love to put on repeat anyday.

Enough, enjoy the “Naya Bingi” EP from below: