Mannaq Mensah to Release New Single Within featuring Emmyzain, KinOG and Kiyoné

Nicholas Asefuah Mensah aka “Mannaq Mensah” to Release New Single “Within” featuring Nigerian Artiste Emmyzain, Ghanian Artiste KinOG and California-Based Artiste Kiyoné.

Accra, Ghana 2024-01-19, Brace yourselves as Mannaq Mensah, the trailblazing musical virtuoso, is about to unleash his latest sonic masterpiece “Within”. Produced by Pkay Beats, teamed up with the dynamic artists of African sensations and California’s rising star. This track is set to redefine the music scene with an explosive blend of infectious beats and lyrical wizardry.
Get ready for an auditory delight as “Within” promises an irresistible melody, lyrics that hit the sweet spot, and impeccable vocal performances from Emmyzain, KinOG and Kiyoné. The fusion of their distinct styles creates a musical cocktail that’s bound to leave listeners craving more.
Mannaq Mensah, the maestro known for connecting with audiences on a soul-stirring level, is thrilled about the release. “Within” not only marks his artistic evolution but also aims to resonate deeply with fans worldwide, transcending borders and genres.
This collaboration is more than just a musical rendezvous, it’s a harmonious journey where Emmyzain, KinOG and Kiyoné synergize their strengths to craft a track that’s not just catchy but a true work of art. The result is a vibrant and energetic composition that showcases each artist’s unique prowess.
Fans of Mannaq Mensah, Emmyzain, KinOG and Kiyoné won’t have to wait long. “Within” is set to drop on the Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2024. Hitting all major streaming platforms. Brace yourselves for an auditory adventure that transcends boundaries and delivers a dose of musical ecstasy to listeners worldwide.
Embark on a global harmony journey with this triumphant musical collaboration, uniting talents worldwide under the banner of Afrobeats Global Management (AGM). Stay tuned for a cascade of thrilling projects set to dazzle the music scene.
About Mannaq Mensah:
Mannaq Mensah stands as a beacon of musical versatility, blending genres with finesse. As a highly talented music professional and promoter, his passion for music resonates through captivating performances, establishing him as a true trailblazer in the industry. Previous releases have solidified Mannaq Mensah’s reputation, making him a force to be reckoned with.