Randy N Makes Magic With New Single ‘Can’t Stop

Randy N, a hip-hop virtuoso and creative rapper, displays his impressive talents and skills on his latest single, ‘Can’t Stop‘.

Following a prolonged hiatus from Randy N’s camp, the UK-based artist makes a striking return to the music scene with his jaw-dropping rap single, ‘Can’t Stop’.

Renowned for his rap prowess and impeccable execution, Randy N delivers precisely what his fans have longed for during his hiatusasserting to the world that he ‘Can’t Stop’ creating exceptional music and pouring his heart into his rap craft.

‘Can’t Stop’ marks his debut release for the year and serves as the lead single from his forthcoming album, ‘Oxford Street’.

Having launched his career several years ago, the acclaimed rapper is celebrated for his hit singles such as ‘Never Humble’, ‘Sumpunini‘, and ‘Onyegelemi‘, among others. Additionally, he has collaborated with numerous top artists from Ghana.

Randy N returns with a vengeance, poised to flaunt his talents and solidify his position as one of the finest rappers in the game. Brace yourself for his forthcoming album, 

‘Oxford Street’, which is set to be packed with absolute bangers.

‘Can’t Stop’ is available on all digital streaming platforms. Go stream!!