Victor AD Uplifts Music Lovers With MIDF (Na Money I Dey Find)

Chart-topping Nigerian singer Victor AD has served inspiration with his latest single, “MIDF (Na Money I Dey Find),” on September 22, 2023.

The soul-stirring track, written and performed by Victor AD, delivers a message of resilience, hope, and gratitude. The track features production from Kulboy and provides a seamless fusion of Victor AD’s distinctive style with the rich cultural elements of highlife.

The inspiration behind “MIDF (Na Money I Dey Find)” stemmed from Victor AD’s desire to encourage individuals facing financial challenges while expressing gratitude for life’s journey.

Despite his initial intention to focus on themes beyond money, the artist found himself singing the catchy refrain, “na money I dey find,” adding an unexpected yet relatable dimension to the track.

“I wanted to create a song that would resonate with people going through tough times, to remind them that they are not alone,” Victor AD explained. “The money element in the song happened spontaneously,” he revealed. He further stated that money is an authentic expression of the human experience.

“MIDF (Na Money I Dey Find)” is now available on all major music platforms, and the accompanying music video is out on YouTube.