Final Farewell to Chief Fishermen’s Mankralo of Prampram, Mr Samuel Kwaku Brian Mensah

Traditional Rites and Christian Burial Activities to Commemorate a Life Well-Lived


In a sombre yet celebratory atmosphere, Prampram prepares to bid a final farewell to the late Fishermen’s Mankralo of Lower Prampram, Mr. Samuel Kwaku Brian Mensah. Born on September 20, 1950, Mr. Mensah’s life will be commemorated with a blend of traditional rites and Christian burial activities.

The Oshan Wem clan home will host the commencement of traditional rites on Thursday, November 23, 2023, offering an opportunity for the community to partake in the rich GaDangme cultural practices that will accompany the ceremonies.

On Saturday, November 25, the St Peter’s Anglican diocese in Prampram will lead the Christian burial activities. The solemn ceremony, to be officiated by Ven. Isaac Nii Kwarte Quartey, Archdeacon, Dangme, will provide family, friends, and sympathizers with a chance to pay their last respects to the departed Mankralo.

Mr Napoleon Narh Mensah, a spokesperson for the family, emphasized the openness of most rituals to the general public, underlining the significance of community participation in honouring Mr. Mensah’s legacy.

Beyond his role as Fishermen’s Mankralo, Mr Samuel Kwaku Brian Mensah, affectionately known as KWAKU SPY, led a multifaceted life. Starting his education at Prampram St Joseph Anglican, he later served as the Schools Boys Prefect, showcasing early leadership qualities. Post his middle school leaving certificate in 1968, he ventured into the professional realm.


Mr Mensah’s career journey in the insurance sector commenced at the Ministry of Secretariat before joining the State Insurance Company (SIC). After a stint there, he expanded his expertise, studying Insurance at the West Africa Insurance Institute in Liberia in 1986. Managing various branches for SIC and later transitioning to Quality Insurance Company (QIC), he concluded his formal career in 2010. Subsequently, he embarked on private consultancy and agency work within the insurance domain.

As Prampram unites to bid farewell, the community remembers Mr Samuel Kwaku Brian Mensah not just for his official roles but for the impact he left on education, leadership, and the insurance sector, marking a chapter in Prampram’s history that will be fondly remembered.