Blogger, Nasti Blinks Collaborates With CAHP To Create This Stunning Documentary.

Born Robert Nii Ashalley Quaye but popular known as Nasti Blinks, who’s a blogger and promoter, recently made a really interesting documentary about archaeology. He called it “Osu Castle’s Hidden Histories Revealed by Archaeologists.” He mixed his love for storytelling with his interest in history.

In this documentary, the host, Joseph Kevelyn-Brocke, takes you on a journey into the world of archaeology. He shows how experts carefully dig up and save old stuff. You can see how much Joseph loves this subject as he captures all the little details of this work, which makes the past come alive.

Something cool is that Nasti Blinks worked with the Christianborg Archaeological Heritage Project team to make this great documentary. Joseph Kevelyn-Brocke, the host, does a fantastic job guiding you through the whole story.


This project doesn’t just show how important archaeology is, but also how people can use their platforms to teach and inspire others. Nasti Blinks’ camera work helps us understand ancient history better, showing how powerful storytelling can be.

This collaboration reminds us that people from different fields, like blogging and promotion, can help us learn more about our history. Ceo of GhMusicHype Nasti Blinks’ documentary about archaeology is a great example of how creative people can connect the past and the present, making a big impact on online content.