Dance As Athletics. Bboy Lyricx Highlights Using Dance for Youth Development

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Nana Tuffour Okai Ghanaian based Dance Athlete, Promoter and Creative Director, professionally known as Bboy Lyricx, has reiterated his resolve to be a positive role model to young talents from the streets through organizing break dance competitions and workshops in various communities in Ghana.

He was discovered from the streets but had been able to turn things around for himself, for this reason, he would want to inspire up and coming dancers as well as other talents.

he said as the Founder of Africa Breaking Academy and award winning dancer he has put in place measures to help shape young talents to achieve their dreams.

“I consider the physical and intellectual aspect of each child and it has always been my goal to help them to become the best they want to be,” he said.

He added that it was also his vision to build a modern dance studio to provide an empowering space for dancers with similar interest to connect and learn.

“I grew up in a society where obstacle and challenges were daily
adventures but through sacrifice and perseverance, I spared no effort to become the change I needed for a better life, now seeking to help others to achieve the same,” he said.

Bboy Lyricx over the years has organised and instructed at many Dance Workshops and served as an Ambassador for Afrobreak Movement , Hip hop works Incorporation Global,Breaking Federation of Ghana and UDance Art International U.S.A.

Bboy Lyricx has performed on stages and featured in music videos with musicians including Sarkodie, Guru, Sena Dagadu, Ak Songstress among others.

He established the Africa Breaking Academy a Non-for-profit organisation empowering, educating, building and promoting Break Dancing by organizing free dance workshop and dance events as a tool of edutainment to promote Hip Hop elements and Dancesport as an Olympic sport in his country, Ghana, France ,and other African countries including Benin, Tanzania, Cameroon, Niger , Burkina Faso and Nigeria.