Maame Grace Projects Tourism and Culture with Ghana’s First YouTube Docu-series


Media personality and Tele-preacher, Maame Grace is the first Ghanaian to have produced and telecast a docu-series on YouTube. The docu-series, titled The Quest of Alkebulan premiered in January 2023 to project untapped cultural and spiritual tourism elements in Africa.

This makes Maame Grace the first YouTube Creator to start a docu-series on Spiritual Tourism.

The docu-series centres on mainly local destinations, the local history of townships, spiritual and cultural legacies as well as their myths and legends – in Ghana and other African countries – with Togo and Benin already covered by Maame Grace.

The RTP-nominated TV presenter, Maame Grace’s recent episode of The Quest of Alkebulan highlighted the Greater Accra township of Kpone.

She interviewed two traditional priests who took her through the migration history of the Ga people and how they came to settle at their current location.

The docu-series focuses on river bodies, trees, caves, waterfalls, and many objects of cultural and spiritual tourism.

“The main aim of the show is to project our unique culture and to understand who we are as black people” — Dr Kelly Lartey Mensah, Manager of Maame Grace explained to newsmen.

Maame Grace is the host of Revelations, Ghana’s number one and first-ever TV- produced spiritual interview show that airs on YouTube each day at 6 pm on the YouTube channel called Maame Grace.

You can watch all about Maame Grace and her spiritual tourism expedition on YouTube via Channel ID “Maame Grace”

Watch more here: https://youtu.be/2SxMwVw5WXk