Nigerian YouTube Executives for Ghana Mock Our Culture and Music and No One Cares-Dr Kelly Mensah tells Government to Act!


Kelly Lartey Mensah, Ghanaian urban-culture advocate and digital media consultant, has called on leaders of Ghana’s industry to pay close attention to how West African executives in charge of most social media brands unfairly treat the Ghanaian online terrain.

He accused Nigerians who are in charge of Ghana’s YouTube space of clearing topics for Ghanaian genres like “hiplife” and “azonto” and replacing these topics with Afrobeats and other Nigerian trends that are foreign to Ghanaian culture and music!

Venting his frustration via Facebook, Dr. Kelly stated that music is the backbone of modern cultures and, therefore, depriving Ghanaians of their basic digital autonomy will result in modern day acculturation. Making specific reference to YouTube, he said that, for over two years now since YouTube Music has been made accessible in Nigeria, the executives in charge of Ghana’s who happen to be Nigerians, have been deliberating restricting the app in Ghana, making is inaccessible to Ghanaian musicians to expand their investment and more effectively reach more audiences! YouTube Music is a free streaming app for music.

He further stated that, instead of these Nigerian executives coming to Ghana to explain their plans for the expansion of the service, they only come to Ghana to have fun, touch base for PR purposes, with no plans at all to expand the services here.