King Jerry Speaks Out Against Awards’ Neglect Of Ga Legends Adotey Tetor And Adane Best

Ghanaian singer and songwriter King Jerry has passionately spoken out against award schemes for overlooking Ga music legends Adotey Tetor and Adane Best, despite their significant contributions over the years.
In an exclusive interview with Mzvel, host of Movement Showbiz on Movement TV, King Jerry expressed his frustration, stating,
“I always have to push this agenda and fight on any radio and TV station that I go to, but nothing is being done. Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba, Amakye Dede are all being honored, but they ignored Adotey Tetor and Adane Best just because they sing in Ga.”
This sentiment highlights a perceived bias in the industry, where artists from certain linguistic backgrounds are overlooked for recognition. King Jerry’s remarks shed light on the need for inclusivity and fairness in award selections.
Despite the challenges faced by Ga artists, King Jerry remains resilient, releasing his latest project, “Ololoolo,” which is now available on all digital stores. His determination to speak out and advocate for his fellow artists is a testament to his commitment to the Ghanaian music industry’s growth and inclusivity.
Written by Nasti Blinks