Kuami Eugene Bounces Back After Near-Fatal Car Accident, Drops Smash Hit “Canopy” [Video]

Highlife star Kuami Eugene has released a new song, “Canopy,” just days after his near-fatal car accident.

The accident occurred after ramming his Range Rover into a tipper truck at CP, close to the DSTV office towards the Dzowulu traffic light in Accra.

He broke his arm, had a cut on his lips, his leg and an injury in the hip. Departing from the conventional themes often found in mainstream music, “Canopy” offers a refreshing take on overtaking challenges

The song opens with a rich soundscape, filled with catchy rhythms, lively instruments, and Eugene’s unmistakable voice. A classic beat provides a strong foundation, while smooth guitar riffs and atmospheric synths add complexity and depth.

Known in real life as Eugene Kwame Marfo, Kuami Eugene creates a personal and relatable experience through his evocative lyrics and vivid imagery.

”Canopy” is a potential Song of the Year contender that is expected to capture the public domain like  conflagration and transcend borders

Listen to the song below