Meet Mrs. Patience Gyimah Mossrich, The Relationship Coach Touching Lives With Her Messages.

Patience Gyimah Mossrich is a versatile Ghanaian Media personality, Entrepreneur and a minister of God who over the years contributed positively to the growth of human sustainability by solving relationship issues, coaching, creating bond between loved ones and preaching love to humanity.

She holds a degree in Psychology, helping to unburden spouse going through difficulties and making sure they find common grounds in nurturing their love and journey to eternity thus giving out weekly relationship messages and tips couples can adopt to grow their relationships in the eyes of God on her YouTube channel “River of Love Media”.

Patience Mossrich is the CEO of River of Love Media, a channel that talks about relationship, bonding and highlights dos and don’ts in relationships or marriages having helped so many individuals going through distress and finding it difficult to give love a chance.

In an exclusive interview, she highlighted the reasons behind her establishment River of Love Media and what it seeks to achieve.

“I believe everything is possible with Love and I see a whole lot of issues in our relationships nowadays, and life is all about relationship. We need relationship to accomplish our mission on this earth, everyone need someone in his/or her life. And all the problems we are having in life emanated from relationship, and I think if we can understand that we are all Love beings coming from the source of love, it can minimize some of the problems we face in life. So I decided to come up with an organization that I can Coach people to know who they are as love beings so that they can operate from there”, she said.

Speaking into the future, “I see myself as a big organization, a great media House addressing problems of humanity. Leading them to fulfill their mission to find fulfillment”.

Advising the younger generation on their purpose and fulfillments, encouraged for self discovery as a driving force to self-actualization.

“When you find yourself on this earth, know that you have a mission to accomplish, one should do their best to discover themselves and and tread on that journey. They should find their mission, mission is different from Passion, your mission is ever lasting it never fades, but with passion with time it disappears. Your purpose is everlasting it will always disturb you when you don’t find yourself, it remind you until it comes to fruition. It very important to discover oneself”

Patience Gyimah Mossrich is a renowned relationship coach with decades of experience touching lives across the world with her teachings and tips.