In a recent turn of events, the Nogokpo community finds itself embroiled in a conundrum following a statement made by Bishop Agyinasare. The aftermath of his words has sent shockwaves through the region, prompting widespread condemnation and calls for for the issue to be settled amicably.

The firestorm began when the spokesperson of Nokokpo, Nufialaga, in an interview with Maame Grace, boldly declared that unless they receive an apology from Pastor Agyinasare directed towards the Voltarians and the people of Nogokpo, they would use him as a scapegoat. Emphasizing the gravity of his statement, the speaker reiterated their unwavering commitment to this stance.

Nufialaga made the statement on a live YouTube broadcast on a show called Revelations with Maame Grace, on Saturday evening.

At the crux of the controversy lies a video released by Rev. Agyinasare, where he claimed to have conducted a crusade in Aflao, during which he purportedly confronted witches and wizards. However, it was his subsequent remarks about Nogokpo that ignited a wave of anger and disbelief.

“Initially, the elders of Nogokpo chose to wait, hoping that Agyinasare would rectify the situation on his own accord. However, their hopes were shattered when he released another video justifying his earlier claims. It was at this point that the community decided to take a stand.” – Nufialaga told Maame Grace.

“A press conference was organized to present their position on the matter. After which the elders through their spokesperson announced a 14-day ultimatum for Rev. Agyinasare to appear and answer questions posed by the elders and chiefs. The invitation was extended, providing a clear timeframe for his response. Failure to comply would result in unspecified consequences” – emphasised by Nufialaga as he was asked by the host, Maame Grace to clarify his claims.

According to Nufialaga, the Nogokpo community is demanding more than just an apology. They seek Agyinasare assistance in identifying the alleged meeting place of these demons, as he previously labeled Nogokpo the demonic headquarters of the Volta region.

“Their intention is to cleanse the land of any negative energies or influences, thus ensuring its sanctity.” – he said.

When questioned about legal recourse, the community representatives expressed their desire to explore internal channels first. They highlighted the existence of arbitration centers and court systems within their community that should be utilized in resolving disputes. It is their belief that exhausting these avenues is the appropriate course of action.

Responding to accusations by Maame Grace of turning the issue into a religious battle, the spokesperson, Nufialaga emphasized that Agyinasare himself had already done so. By denigrating their beliefs and stigmatizing the entire community.

“He had provoked the ire of the Voltarians. An apology, in their view, must be personal and sincere, not just a casual mention on social media.” – Nufialaga explained to Maame Grace

In the midst of this tumult, delegates have been mentioned as a potential alternative should Agyinasare fail to appear within the allotted timeframe. The community has expressed openness to this option through their spokesperson, but only if the 14-day deadline is respected.

“Beyond that point, they will chart their own course of action, with all options on the table.” – Nufialaga opined.

While tensions continue to mount and the ultimatum draws nearer, the fate of Archbishop Agyinasare hangs precariously in the balance. Will he offer a genuine apology, diffusing the situation and bringing closure to this controversy? Or will matters escalate further, plunging the region into deeper angst? The eyes of the nation are fixated on Nogokpo, eagerly awaiting the resolution of this divisive issue.