Short Film “Perceptions” By Alphonse Menyo To Be Released Worldwide October 11th on YouTube

The official release of Alphonse’s Menyo internationally recognised short film “Perceptions”, will be available to watch on Youtube on the 11th of October 2023 at 9am GMT.

This is a project where we see Alphonse Menyo wearing different hats; producer, writer, director, and starring as one of the main characters of this short film playing “Adotey” – a boxer and a fisherman from Jamestown with his display of an array of emotions: intense, irritable, happy, jovial. With his direction, the female lead, played by Tatiana Martinez, is believable and relatable.

Martinez makes her debut in this production and she fulfils the character of Melissa Ramos well,
showcasing the antagonist of Ramos despite her affluence. Perceptions sheds light onto two parallel lives of two characters from complete different worlds.

One of them is Melissa Ramos, a young Spanish lady who works with a multinational oil company in the West African country of Ghana, gets all the money she’s ever wanted but still feels unfulfilled. She later meets Adotey, a local fisherman and boxer, and realizes that in order to achieve true happiness in life, she needed to take certain actions.
The short film has gained recognition at various international movie festivals; AFRIFF (Africa International Film Festival), Abuja International Film Festival, Serenity Screening in the UK, the Accra Indie Festival, Real Time International Film Festival and the Ghana Movie Awards.

So far it has been really well received by international audiences who got to witness the story at the various movie festivals. We get to see through the reviews that Alphonse Menyo achieves to transmit the exact message he wanted to transmit to the world: “The dialogue is easy to follow whilst realistic of each character. Scenes are succinct and
informative whist remaining interesting. Off course the main character is the backdrop of Africa, specifically Ghana which is displayed in the beautiful cinematography of wide shots, close ups and bird’s eye views of the coast, businesses and local market”

“Watching perceptions has enriched me just as a good movie should do. Its shows that simplicity brings happiness and joy and that we should always be ready to leave behind what doesn’t make us happy. I truly enjoyed the artwork as the scenes, the soundtrack & the characters make the whole context vibrant and dynamic”.

Follow this link to watch Perceptions short film on 11th October 9am GMT: