E.L’s ‘’BAR 6’’ Gets An Official Release Date, Cover Art And Tracklist

With the rapper’s 6th and much-awaited installment of his “Best African Rapper” series en route to major streaming platforms in the weeks ahead, our excitement is through the roof. Here’s everything you need to know about the just announced record.

After unleashing his third studio album ‘’WAVs’’ earlier this year, many Hip-Hop enthusiasts wondered what had become of the beloved mixtape series that put undiluted Ghanaian rap on the cusp of revival since 2014. But E.L was simply tight-lipped about it all since its previous iteration ‘’BVR’’ #SirenSeason in 2018 and fans began to abandon hope, at least till 2020’s ‘’Leaks 1’’ and ‘’Leaks 2’’ swooped in to get the rumor mill running once more.

Finally, after 3 years ‘’BAR 6’’ is no longer a fantasy or hearsay. E.L took to social media to share the cover art and tracklist. He also disclosed: ‘’The main goal of the BAR series has always been to provide a platform where I expose new and upcoming local talent to my fans and hopefully to the world. It’s my small way of helping these artists reach a wider audience and over the past few years that’s exactly what we’ve done. It is my hope that this tradition continues for as long as it possibly can and I am grateful to everybody who joined with me to make this years project a possibility, we’re going to keep riding this wave till the board slips off’’.

Have a look at the super beefy features and track list. The countdown to ‘’BAR 6’’ is on. What are your thoughts, expectations and which songs are you looking forward to?