Major Steppa And Richie Flo Team Up For ‘PILOT’

Ghanaian recording and performing artist Major Steppa has joined forces with Jamaican artist Richie Flo (based in Canada) for “Pilot.” This uplifting reggae dancehall track communicates a powerful message of hope, motivation, and a firm belief in Jah’s guidance and His ability to transform lives.

The inspiration behind “Pilot” originates from the journeys that Major Steppa and Richie Flo have embarked on in their personal lives. Major Steppa found inspiration in the realization that every experience, whether positive or negative, has a purpose, ultimately leading him to trust in God’s timing, believe in himself, and rely on Jah’s guidance in all situations. Richie Flo, on the other hand, was driven by the thought that there is always a reason for the way things unfold, and such beliefs fuel his desire to communicate hope and motivation through his music.

Produced by Fresh Flamez Entertainment, with mixing by Ibee On Da Beatz, and mastering by Joe Big Brain, “Pilot” blends reggae dancehall elements, creating a sound that is both communicative and uplifting. Major Steppa’s West African influence and Richie Flo’s captivating musical style combine to create a unique musical experience that sets this song apart from their previous works.

Through “Pilot,” Major Steppa and Richie Flo aim to inspire listeners worldwide. The uplifting message of hope, motivation, and the acknowledgment that Jah is in control of all situations resonates deeply, encouraging individuals to persevere and overcome life’s challenges with unwavering faith in Jah’s unfailing love. This powerful anthem serves as a reminder that no matter the situation, there is always a reason to believe in a better tomorrow.

With hopes of making a global impact, Major Steppa and Richie Flo have released an amazing animation video of ‘Pilot’(Directed by Darlington), which recently had its World Premiere on on February 12th, 2024 ensuring that the uplifting message in the music reaches wide audience.

As Major Steppa and Richie Flo embark on this musical collaboration, they aim to introduce their respective fan bases to the unique styles and talents of one another. The synergy between their artistic visions creates an incredible fusion that resonates deeply with audiences, providing a fresh and uplifting musical experience.

• Listen/Watch “PILOT” by Major Steppa ft. Richie Flo here:

About Major Steppa:

Major Steppa, whose birth name is Fredrick Sarfo Kantanka, is a multi-talented Ghanaian recording and performing artist based in Accra, who is certainly making his musical presence felt in the Reggae/Dancehall music scene with meaningful music focused on reality, upliftment, and motivational messages.

About Richie Flo:

Richie Flo, whose birth name is Richard Roberts, is a Jamaican recording and performing artist based in Canada, renowned for his captivating lyrics and unique musical style. With a focus on authenticity and emotional connection, Richie Flo’s music resonates deeply with listeners, inspiring them to embrace their true selves.